Remodeling? Talk to the Pros

Remodeling a kitchen or bath? We can save you some headaches by giving tips before you start.

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Water Softeners

Got hard water? Lohmeyer now sells and services water softeners. For shinier dishes, cleaner clothes, and more suds in the shower, consider a water softeners.

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Your Local Plumber

Lohmeyer Plumbing is your Columbus, Indiana based plumber serving residential and business customers. We also serve the areas of Hope, Edinburgh, Taylorsville, Franklin, Nashville, and Elizabethtown.

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Meet Your Plumbing Experts

We're dedicated to hiring and training the best plumbing staff in the area. Meet your Lohmeyer professionals.

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Help! My Drain Smells

Remember, this is a symptom of another issue.  It can be as simple as the trap in a drain drying out, and just needing some water in it to seal things back up again.  (A trap is connected to the sanitary sewer piping, so when the water in a trap is no longer at a […]

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How to Prevent Drain Clogs

While there are many products and internet ideas out there, not all are good ideas.  In general, drain opening chemicals should not be used.  There are often easier and less corrosive methods.  The good chemicals should be left to a plumbing professional to administer.  Just a plain old plunger is still a great tool! Preventing […]

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4th of July Holiday Hours

We will observe the following hours over the holiday. July 1:  Open 7:30-12:00 with limited crew July 2:  Closed July 3:  Open 7:30am-5:00pm July 4:  Closed July 5:  Resume Normal Business Hours at 7:30am

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