Purchasing a house?

Are you in the process of purchasing a house?  We’ve put together a list of essential plumbing items to investigate.  Your home inspector may find some of these, but the actual condition may need to be professionally evaluated. Obvious existing or repaired water damage.  Pay special attention to the basement, ceilings and under sinks. Condition […]

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Yes, we work on lawn irrigation systems!

Brown grass got you down?  Give Lohmeyer’s a call! We work on hundreds of local systems, and our customers love the service provided.  It’s easy to schedule appointments, we have multiple technicians trained for sprinkler repairs, and we generally have the supplies needed on our truck or in the warehouse to complete your repair in […]

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Phones Down

**Update- our phones are working again**   Unfortunately our phones are currently down due to an outage in the area.  If you need to reach us, please email service@lohmeyerplumbing.com. We will let you know as soon as everything is working again.  Thanks for your understanding.

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