Explanation of Invoice

Lohmeyer Plumbing technicians are professionals licensed by the State of Indiana.  Each has had multiple years of schooling and certifications, as well as years of on-site job training. Regular trainings are conducted to make sure Lohmeyer's plumbers are up to date on current technology and information learned in the field.  All employees have background checks as well as random drug testing.

Our billing charges are calculated on a time and material basis.  Payment is not required at the time of service at your home.  Our office staff will send you an itemized invoice and payment is expected within a few days of your invoice delivery.  Charges are on an hourly rate per plumber, including travel time.  At times, a second plumber will accompany the lead plumber to provide safety and efficiency.  Our billable time for the second plumber is evaluated by the needs of the lead plumber and by final review of the office staff.  Charges for the first hour of service include stocking our vehicle with the necessary equipment to service your home.

The need for an additional plumber is determined by several factors some of which are listed below:

  • Sewer work (dangerous with cables moving around)
  • E-1 Pump (heavy equipment which requires 2 workers to lift the pump from the pit, carry  and load it onto a truck)
  • Crawl Space work (better efficiency as one transports materials to the technician in the crawl space)
  • One-piece toilets (which are bulky, heavy and difficult for one person to handle)
  • Safety, efficiency and to prevent injuries of our technicians

Lohmeyer Plumbing has found, especially on smaller jobs, the time to produce an estimate results in costs vastly greater than working on a time and material basis.  Some plumbing companies perform their work on a flat rate basis per job and often have their plumbers on commission.  This practice goes against our business philosophy.  Lohmeyer Plumbing believes technicians should have no financial incentive to do unnecessary work or to give advice on additional work, which would result in financial rewards for the technician. Average pricing can be provided over the phone, but for detailed accurate pricing, Lohmeyer's professionals need to see the job to determine materials and time required.

When Lohmeyer Plumbing supplies materials, all labor is usually under warranty for one year, unless there is evidence of product misuse.  Manufacturer's warranties normally reimburse for the product; not for the labor or any additional materials required.  With a home warranty, an itemized bill for all work is provided to the customer.  Any contact with the home warranty company is up to the homeowner.  The customer is responsible for a prompt payment of the invoice.

Payment is expected within a few days of receiving the invoice either by check or cash or credit card.  An additional convenience fee will be charged if you choose to pay with a credit card.  Credit card companies charge a fee for every transaction, so this additional expense needs to be covered without penalizing customers who still prefer to pay with cash or checks.