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Water Heaters & Changing Temperatures

Largely fluctuating temperatures seem to make water heater tanks start leaking. With temperatures jumping from lows in the 50s, to upcoming highs in the 90s, keep an eye on your heater! And if your heater does start leaking, we’re here to help.  

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Lawn Irrigation System Start Up

  It’s hard to believe, but Lohmeyer Plumbing has already started a few sprinkler systems this year!  Contact us today if you’re ready for us to open your system for the season.

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Pipeline Camera Intelligent Diagnostic Tool

The diagnostic tool of the past for line blockage was a backhoe. Lohmeyer uses a pipeline inspection camera to allow our professionals to find problems such as cracks, broken seals, or blocked pipes without tearing up your property.  The probe and camera can be extended up to approximately 200 feet through the pipes and uses […]

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Evaluation – Outstanding

Lohmeyer gets Highest Honors from Customers The customer comes first at Lohmeyer Plumbing.  And surveys from our customers show we’re doing a lot right. “We truly care about our customers,” says Joe Lohmeyer.  “We care about quality of our work.  Being average does not cut it.” Every customer receives a survey.  Here’s what Lohmeyer’s customers […]

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Ground Flexible Gas Piping to Prevent Pinhole Leaks

Flexible gas piping needs to be grounded to protect against electrical strikes and resultant pinhole leaks. No matter the age of your home, it may have flexible gas piping with a yellow plastic or black plastic covering.  Per the National Electric Code, the flexible piping needs to be grounded to the household electrical ground. According […]

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