Dusty’s 30th Work Anniversary

Congratulations Dusty on 30 years of working at Lohmeyer Plumbing!

A note from Joe Lohmeyer:

For many of you, whether is has been your home, your business, or both, Dusty has been Lohmeyer Plumbing to you....for a long, long time. I equate it to a marriage that has succeeded far beyond the average. For you trivia nuts, the average marriage in America lasts slightly less than 20 years.

Like a successful marriage, I believe Dusty and I enduring as co-workers for all these years is a result of a deep, mutual respect for each other. We both care for the people we are working for, for the quality of work being performed, and each other.

When conflicts arise, we work through them. They don't reside in an "ignore me box" to fester and grow. Given the challenging jobs we have both been involved with over the years, and yes, sometimes challenging customers, we have both given our best to resolve the issues.

Many of you have had the pleasure of enjoying Dusty's artistic work in plumbing. Dusty has always taken pride in his work, which fits into the values of Grandpa Lohmeyer, as well as my father. Grandpa Lohmeyer always said "it takes a little more time and better materials to do a job right." Dusty has always done that to the best of his abilities.

Besides the quality of work, Dusty has been a welcoming face and voice to many of you over the years. One of my favorite stories about Dusty demonstrating his care for others was when he worked at an elderly customer's home one morning, and she was suffering from an illness. He completed the work a few hours later, but he was so worried about her, as she was living alone, that he called her later that afternoon to make sure she was ok. They became life long friends.

Please join me in celebrating Dusty's 30 year anniversary with Lohmeyer Plumbing, and many more to come.

Joe Lohmeyer