Drain Line Clogs

Do you experience frequent drain or sewer line clogs?  You're not alone!  Although these back ups are a HUGE hassle, Lohmeyer is here to help alleviate the situation.  

Sewer line replacement

Sewer line replacement in Columbus, Indiana

Sometimes the only true solution to drain clogs is repairing or replacing the line.  Other times, using a product like Bio-Clean or Root-X can help significantly.  We have multiple customers who schedule annual Root-X treatments, saving them thousands of dollars on expensive and unnecessary repairs.  One Columbus customer in particular has been scheduling Root-X treatments for over a decade with great success.  If you have a back up problem, talk to the plumber on site to find out if this is an option for you.

The best time to schedule a Root-X treatment is early spring.  This is when the roots of trees and bushes are looking for a water source, and that may be found in your sewer line.  Pouring the Root-X treatment down your sewer line eats away at those roots, keeping them from affecting how open your drain lines are.  In order for the treatment to work its magic, it's recommended to use your drain lines for 6-8 hours after the treatment.

Bio-Clean can be very effective on kitchen or bathroom sink drains.  It eats away at the organic matter that builds up in your drain line, keeping the line more open.

Should repair/replacement be the only option, you can trust the professionals at Lohmeyer Plumbing with the job.  We can provide a quote upfront, handle the utility locate and permit process, coordinate with an excavator, and make sure the work is completed in an efficient and effective manner.  We understand this is big undertaking.  Most people have never needed to replace their drain or sewer lines (thankfully!).  Lohmeyer helps guide you through the process, and is here to answer questions along the way.