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Plumbing Fixtures for Sale at Deeply Discounted Rates!

Been planning to replace a bathroom sink, but just haven’t gotten around to it?  Have you always dreamed about having a whirlpool tub?  Lohmeyer Plumbing is offering deeply discounted prices for several sinks with faucets and whirlpool tubs.  You won’t find these rates anywhere else! Whirlpool tubs are only $500.  Pedestal lavatory sinks with faucets […]


New Year, New Bathroom?

Computer-aided design and showroom visit can help envision your dream! OK, you’ve made it through the holidays and you’re looking to update your bathroom before warmer weather starts. Lohmeyer Plumbing has computer-aided design tools to help you create the bathroom you want, and concepts can be viewed before the actual project has begun.  Visuals can […]