Showroom Gallery

New Taller Toilet

We would like to introduce you to our newest showroom toilet! It’s a Kohler Highline toilet, which is 19″ tall, a couple of inches higher than we could previously get. If you’re looking to give your legs and knees a break, this may be the toilet for you! Every inch helps!


New Delta Kitchen Sink Faucets

We just added some new Delta kitchen faucets to our showroom.  Lohmeyer’s plumbers tend to prefer Delta products over many other brands.  Why?  First of all there are repair parts available.  Many faucets sold now do not have repair parts, so the only option when they break ends up being replacement.  Or, it’s impossible to […]


New Year, New Bathroom?

Computer-aided design and showroom visit can help envision your dream! OK, you’ve made it through the holidays and you’re looking to update your bathroom before warmer weather starts. Lohmeyer Plumbing has computer-aided design tools to help you create the bathroom you want, and concepts can be viewed before the actual project has begun.  Visuals can […]