171 Years of Combined Experience!

What does this mean for our customers? When our licensed plumber is making repairs at your house, he has had years of experience!  If he has a question or needs help with a repair, there are multiple plumbers ready to jump in and assist.  This is why no problem is too small or too big […]


Training Tools- Well Test Box

During a recent monthly Safety Meeting, John demonstrated the well test box he created.  Here’s a few highlights we thought you might be interested in. What inspired the creation of the well test box? We wanted to build something for basic diagnosis of wells.  This enables everyone to trouble shoot in a similar systematic process, […]


Monthly Safety Training

Plumbing work can be dangerous.  Work-related accidents across the trade industries can cause serious injuries.  Most work accidents are preventable.  Lohmeyer Plumbing is proud of its safety record. Once a month the Lohmeyer professionals gather for safety training. Training sessions emphasize quality, employee health and safety, and customer service, and include timely and valid information. […]