Ground Flexible Gas Piping to Prevent Pinhole Leaks

Flexible gas piping needs to be grounded to protect against electrical strikes and resultant pinhole leaks. No matter the age of your home, it may have flexible gas piping with a yellow plastic or black plastic covering.  Per the National Electric Code, the flexible piping needs to be grounded to the household electrical ground. According to the National Weather Service, lightning is one of the least understood weather phenomena and one of the top three causes of storm damage and injuries in the United States.

Certification for Gas Line Installation and Service

In some cases, a pinhole will simply allow gas to escape.  In other more serious situations, gas could accumulate in an area such as the crawl space. Lohmeyer's plumbers have special certification for gas line installation and service. "It can be difficult for average homeowners to know if their gas piping is properly grounded," said Joe Lohmeyer.  "If you're concerned, call us and we'll take a look."