Evaluation – Outstanding

evaluation-clipboardLohmeyer gets Highest Honors from Customers

The customer comes first at Lohmeyer Plumbing.  And surveys from our customers show we're doing a lot right. "We truly care about our customers," says Joe Lohmeyer.  "We care about quality of our work.  Being average does not cut it." Every customer receives a survey.  Here's what Lohmeyer's customers said. 99% - Fixed the problem to satisfaction. Lohmeyer Plumbing is a licensed plumbing company that works hard to hire the right people, train them well, and continually work to keep their skills at a high level. 99% - Service technician was presentable. Even though we do a lot of dirty work, we encourage our technicians to keep it clean, so they're welcome in your home. 99% - Service technician was on time. Comedian Woody Allen said, "90% of success is showing up."  Lohmeyer Plumbing would like to add the phrase "on time." 98.5% - Work performed, explained to satisfaction. We get the job done, but talk to our customers about options, and answer questions about any project. 99% - Rate interaction with office staff. Lohmeyer Plumbing prizes highly the preparation we do to come ready for your job.  So we ask questions, and take the time to interact. Actual Customer Comments: "I like that you are able to take care of my plumbing problems the same day." "Always great!" "I never use any other plumber." "Very comfortable having (your plumber) in our home.  Very professional and neat." "I called and (Lohmeyer professional) spent time explaining...No pressure!" "...listened well to my concerns and answered my questions." "Amazing service!" "...explained why my drain was clogged along with solutions for avoiding this in the future." "Excellent service!  Your personnel were timely, courteous, efficient and friendly.  It was a good experience for us."