Preventing Problems with Your Kitchen Sink

Want to save some money on unnecessary plumbing bills?  Of course you do!  Following these tips regarding your kitchen sink will help! A typical kitchen sink is an underappreciated work horse!  They come in many shapes and sizes, and are often customized to match our personality.  It is a key part to a kitchen, and a kitchen is one of the important rooms considered in home sales.  We want our kitchen to look good! We also want it to work!  This is the primary purpose, to work.  This involves the faucet, but more importantly, the drainage process. There's a few key parts when it comes to the drainage process.  The infrastructure of the piping, disposal and house exit, and what is most under your control, what you put into the system.  It is there for us to rinse our dirty cookware and plates, but is not intended to be a wood chipper or composter.  Simply put- big stuff goes elsewhere. Food grease is one of the biggest "cloggers" of any kitchen sink drain.  Small doses are definitely best.  Ample soap and water will help carry away grease and other food wastes. Bio-Clean is a great product that works well in consuming the organic build up that happens in all our piping.  It works great as a preventative maintenance product.  It will not clear a drain that is already clogged, but does help well in preventing that next clog.