Grinder Pump Repair and Replacement in Columbus, IN

Expert Grinder Pump Services You Can Depend On

At Lohmeyer Plumbing, we specialize in providing high-quality grinder pump repair and replacement services in Columbus, Indiana. With years of experience, our certified team is dedicated to providing efficient, reliable solutions for your home’s wastewater management needs.

What is a Grinder Pump?

A grinder pump is a crucial part of residential sewage systems that helps manage waste from your home. This device grinds waste from bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms into a fine slurry, which it then pushes through small-diameter pipes to the main sewer line or septic tank to work with physics and gravity restrictions. This is particularly essential in areas like Grandview Lake, where every home uses a grinder pump due to the lake’s private forced main sewer system.  The sewer main is under pressure, therefore, will not work with household gravity drainage to it.

Our Experience with Grinder Pumps

For decades, Lohmeyer Plumbing has been working with E/One grinder pumps, known for their robust industrial quality, similar to what’s required for larger facilities than just residential basements. More recently, we have added Liberty grinder pumps to our installations, which are designed to be even more resilient. Over the past years, these pumps have shown excellent performance in our community.

Understanding Grinder Pump Alarms and Maintenance

If your grinder pump alarm goes off, it’s a sign that something may be wrong. We respond by checking the pump, and typically, we'll remove the pump to diagnose it thoroughly in our shop. We provide a temporary loaner pump during this time, so your household plumbing remains functional. Depending on the diagnosis, we will either repair or recommend replacing your grinder pump. Sometimes, if the damage is too extensive, replacing the pump is the only viable option.

Grinder pumps are a significant investment, often unexpectedly so for many homeowners. Proper maintenance and careful usage, especially about what goes down the drain, are crucial for avoiding costly repairs and replacements. This is particularly important during the summer at Grandview Lake, where we see an uptick in usage and issues due to seasonal residents and visitors unfamiliar with the system's sensitivities.

Benefits of a Grinder Pump

  • Efficiency: Grinder pumps are efficient in processing & moving sewage over long distances.
  • Cost-effective: They minimize the need for extensive underground plumbing.
  • Eco-friendly: By reducing blockages, grinder pumps contribute to environmental protection.
  • Versatile: They are perfect for homes where conventional gravity drainage doesn’t work. 

Grinder Pump Repair Services

If you're experiencing issues with your grinder pump, such as clogs, backups, or malfunctions, our skilled technicians are equipped to handle it all. We perform comprehensive diagnostics to accurately identify the problem and deliver effective, long-lasting repairs.

Grinder Pump Replacement Services

Sometimes, a repair might not be sufficient to solve the problem. Our replacement services include a consultation to explain how your individual system needs can be met, determine the best new grinder pump for your system, followed by professional installation. We ensure that your new pump is compatible with your system and meets all local codes and standards.

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