Clogged Kitchen Sink?

plunging clogged kitchen sinkIs your kitchen sink drain giving you problems?  There are a couple of ways to clean out clogs and debris build up.  A regular plunger can open a kitchen drain (you have to close off the other bowl in a two bows sink).  If the issues are farther down the pipe, a drain machine may be necessary.

Drain acids are a BAD IDEA!  Yes, sometimes they work, but they are still caustic to many parts of the drain.  If the drain acid does not open the drain, you now have the acid volume to contend with during the opening up process.

Some piping configurations can be more prevalent to clogging or build-ups.  Long drain runs, improper drainage slope, old and scaled piping, pipe size, and piping configurations can be parts of the problem.  If you have one or a combination of these, you are your own best friend in keeping your drains flowing freely.  Internally scaled, or corroding drain piping is always going to be a problem.  It's rough and catches stuff.  With scaled, rough pipe, more water is better.  I know that doesn't match with water conservation, but it can be managed.

If you want to help prevent future drain clogs, Bio Clean is a great product that consumes the organic build up that happens in all our piping.

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