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New Equipment- Vac Truck

Meet our newest addition to the equipment family, the vac truck! Most people have never heard of a vac truck, myself (Betsy) included. Side note: on a recent family vacation, I pointed out a vac truck on the side of the road, and the whole family was shocked. It still catches them off guard when I speak in plumbing terms. And here I am explaining what a vac truck is…
Whenever we need to dig for jobs, whether it’s a sewer line or water line, we’re required to call in locates so the utility companies can locate where their lines are. It’s really not a good thing to hit a line, especially electric and gas lines! Even though the lines are marked, the actual utility line may be off slightly, and it could be more shallow or deeper than anticipated. This vac truck saves the day by sucking the dirt out and exposing the utility lines. It’s been very convenient to have on more difficult jobs.