What to Expect When Calling Lohmeyer Plumbing

Every service company operates a little differently.  We understand trying a new plumber, or calling a service company for the first time can be a little daunting.  Here's a few things you can expect when calling Lohmeyer's: 1-  Expect a live person with a friendly voice to answer your call and questions during business hours.  We have multiple employees waiting for your phone call and ready to help. 2- Expect a few questions.  We want to send a plumbing technician to your house fully equipped to address your problem.  In order to do this, we will ask a few specific questions, such as the type of water heater you have, where you think a leak is coming from, or if you're experiencing drain issues elsewhere in your house.  Not sure of the answers?  That's ok!  Just answer what you're able to, and our plumber will take it from there. 3- Expect a quickly scheduled service call.  A lot of times we're able to work you in the same day.  If the schedule is heavier, we can typically address your problem within a day or two.