Gary Cutsinger

Gary Cutsinger

All of us at Lohmeyer Plumbing mourn the passing of long-time employee, Gary Cutsinger. Gary started with the company in 1997. In his 20+ years of service, he became a favorite of many customers, and definitely won the hearts of the entire Lohmeyer team.

Gary was resilient, sticking with difficult jobs long after many would give up. We often joked about "Gary jobs," as he seemed to attract the craziest, longest, and toughest jobs.

Gary was extremely kind and giving as well. He would often stay late, taking on late afternoon calls because he felt for the customers and their situation. He was always willing to help others on the team.

Joe & Gary would both say they butted heads on many occasions, but always respected each other.  Gary was not "book educated," but he was definitely educated by life, and was someone we all looked up to.  He was humble, he never complained, and he didn't let life circumstances affect his attitude.

Joe's favorite memory is being part of Gary's baptism, which happened a couple of weeks before Gary passed away.  It was such a moving experience for everyone involved.

Gary brought so much laughter to our entire team. From "blessing" Joe's truck on Friday the 13th to the "black cloud" we claim he carried around, to his special ways with animals, Gary kept us on our toes, and smiles on our faces.

Gary, you will be missed, but never forgotten. Thanks for the laughs, and helping us all keep life in perspective.

Do you have a favorite Gary store?  We would love to hear any you have to share.