Help! I have a leak!

Most people have experienced this dreaded problem at one point in time.  Whether it’s a leaky faucet or a burst water line, it is still an inconvenience.  Here’s some ways to prepare for major leaks, and what to do when you’re experiencing one.

Know your options- Know where your shut off valves are, and how they work, and if they work.  These are located at your toilets, sinks, etc.  There should also be a main shut off valve that controls all water entering the house.

If you have a well supplying your house, there should be some valves and a way to shut off the power to the pump as well.

Take precautionary measures- If you’re leaving your house for a long period of time, for example on a vacation, turn off the main water valve before leaving your house.  As much as you don’t want to leave that hotel swimming pool, you really don’t want to come home to one located inside your house.

Investigate- Resolving the issue starts with determining where the leak is coming from.  Is your toilet leaking at the base onto the floor, or is it leaking from the tank?  Is the leak at your sink from the base of the faucet or underneath the sink?  Is there a bathroom above the water stain on your ceiling?  Knowing the answer to these questions prepares the plumber who will make the repair.  Depending on the repair, some help may be able to be given over the phone, or the plumber should be able to bring the correct supplies, rather than needing too many additional parts needing to be acquired.