Lohmeyer Does Backflow Tests

Did you receive a notice from Columbus City Utilities about testing your backflow device for your irrigation system?  We have multiple backflow certified technicians on our team that are ready to help!

Lohmeyer Plumbing makes scheduling this test easy.  You don't need to be home for the appointment, as the device is located outside.  Call or text (812.379.4876), or email us (service@lohmeyerplumbing.com) to schedule your appointment, typically within a day or two.  We'll submit the results to Columbus City Utilities, and can e-mail or mail you an invoice a few days later.

Curious why this test needs to be completed?  Utility companies want to ensure potentially contaminated water doesn't get back into their main water source.  This device stops that from happening.  Testing the device periodically to ensure it still operates correctly is the best way to keep drinking water safe.