Lohmeyer Plumbing to Celebrate on November 11th

Lohmeyer Plumbing will be throwing a celebration party on November 11th from 3:30pm-6:30pm at the new building located at 4555 Progress Dr.  We will be celebrating the following:

-80 Years in Business

-The Opening of Our New Location

-A Flag Ceremony Honoring All Who Have & Continue to Serve

-Conrad Hittle's 12 Years of Service

In 1936, Grandpa and Grandma Lohmeyer, as well as my father Henry, started Lohmeyer Plumbing. Through the years we have been blessed to work in the homes, businesses, and factories of quite a few people and have immensely enjoyed the relationships and friendships of thousands of people in this community. As such, we thought it would be fitting to spend some time rejoicing with those who have made our business a success over the past 80 years. At 4:30pm, the Young Marines will be raising a flag on our new flag pole in honor and recognition of the service to our country given by Grandpa Lohmeyer in the Navy, my father as a carrier pilot during WWII, Nephew Steve Lohmeyer who served a tour of duty in Iraq, Nephew Chris Lohmeyer actively serving in special forces, as well as current veterans at Lohmeyer Plumbing, Conrad Hittle, Chuck Penoske, and Brad Dobbs. Special remarks will be given by retired two star General Mark Pillar and Mayor Jim Lienhoop. We will also be recognizing Conrad Hittle for his 12 years of service to Lohmeyer Plumbing and his 40 plus years in the Plumbing Industry. Please join us for new and old stories, a tour of our new facilities opened in 2015, and food and refreshments. Joe Lohmeyer