Lohmeyer’s Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes

It's going to be a cold night in Columbus.  Follow Lohmeyer's tips to save yourself the headache of frozen pipes.
1. Make sure your outside garden hose is removed if you haven't already.
2. If your plumbing is on an exterior wall, open cabinet doors below sinks or where water lines run.
3. When running water to keep lines from freezing, run at a stead trickle, not just a drip.
4. Do NOT trickle water if your drain lines are exposed to outdoor freezing temperatures, as in under mobile homes.
5. Keep garage doors closed if you have water lines, water heaters, or a water softener inside the garage.
If water pipes freeze, they may burst. When these pipes thaw, flooding may occur. If the worst does happen, we're a quick call or text away at 812-379-4876.