Looking Ahead

Lohmeyer Winter 2013_Page_2_Image_0001Spring Home Plumbing Tips

The change of seasons is an opportunity to check and re-evaluate your home and your plumbing. Here are a few areas to examine.

Check outside hydrants or water spigots for winter freeze damage.  When turned on, water should flow freely from the spigot.  If you open an outdoor hydrant or spigot, and don't have pressure like normal, chances are the hydrant line has split from freezing and is leaking in your crawl space or house.

Late winter is when the most active tree root growth occurs, and one source those roots will seek is cracks in your main sewer line.  The past two unusually dry summers also have made root intrusion into a leaking sewer line more likely.  This is a major cause of sewer line blockage.  Have your sewer lines evaluated.

Make sure you know the location of your outside sewer clean-out.  Keep it uncovered for emergency access.

Open crawl space vents as needed.

We hope you find these tips helpful.