Ask the Experts

Lohmeyer Winter 2013_Page_2_Image_0003We often receive inquiries from our customers regarding a particular problem they are experiencing.  Joe and Dave are happy to shed some light on the issue the customer is having and are eager to respond to their needs. Here is a request that we recently received from a customer. Question: Your guys came to my house and recommended that nothing needed to be done to my sewer pipe.  There was a slight obstruction, but nothing worth a chemical treatment or other work.  Thanks for being a plumber and not a salesperson.  It's a refreshing change! Joe and Dave's response: Sometimes the best advice is to watch and wait, take some simple steps or not do anything at all.  Since Lohmeyer's Plumbers aren't salespeople, we're not trying to convince you to buy services you don't need. This reminds us of another local situation. We were called to a business because of issues with the drain and sewer system.  While slow because of inadequate slope, the drainage system was clear and doing its job.  Because the drain pipe was in concrete, correcting the slope would have cost a lot of money. We advised the business owner that they system was working as well as it could under the conditions.  We did not recommend tearing up the concrete and going to considerable expense.  While it would have been ideal for the drainage system to have been put in properly, there was no reasonable solution.  We advised keeping an eye on it, and gave them some signs to look for that would require a call to us. If you need assistance with this or any plumbing problem, call Lohmeyer at 812.379.4876.