Purchasing a house?

Are you in the process of purchasing a house?  We've put together a list of essential plumbing items to investigate.  Your home inspector may find some of these, but the actual condition may need to be professionally evaluated. plumbing tips for purchasing a new house
  1. Obvious existing or repaired water damage.  Pay special attention to the basement, ceilings and under sinks.
  2. Condition and location of the main water shut off.
  3. Well water quality tests.
  4. Gas piping and connections to appliances.  Is everything up to code?
  5. House sewer- are there leaks?  What's the condition of the sewer line?  How old is the piping?
  6. Water heater style, age, condition, location, any code issues.  Know your options for replacement in the future.
  7. Water, sump, or sewage pumps and their condition.
  8. Working condition of all indoor and outdoor faucets.
  9. Toilet conditions.
  10. Shower or tub/shower- does it leak at the tile, shower door, show signs of mildew?
  11. Is there a yard irrigation system?  What maintenance has been done on it recently?
  12. Pool houses water issues & fixtures.
  13. Downspout discharge piping.
  14. Water softeners- water & drain piping connections.
  15. Stops and supplies for all water fixtures.