Remodeling Advice

Thinking about finally starting on a remodeling project at your house?  We've learned a few lessons about the steps involved in a successful bathroom or kitchen remodel.  Consider the following questions before the work begins.Tub_Columbus Indiana Who is in charge of scheduling and issues that arise throughout the project?  Depending on the scale of your project, you may be dealing with multiple contractors, including a plumber, carpenter, electrician, etc.   There's a large time commitment involved in coordinating and supervising all this work.  Some customers prefer to handle the details themselves.  Others would rather not deal with the hassle.  Lohmeyer Plumbing can coordinate the scheduling for you!  Allowing us to be in charge of the project keeps things running smoothly.  We understand how disruptive it can be to have contractors in your house for a long period of time, and we're here to finish your remodel in a timely manner. Is a deposit required?  What is the billing schedule?  Lohmeyer Plumbing, along with most other contractors requires a deposit up front before the project begins.  Depending on the length of the project, we may send a bill in the middle of the project as well.  We have found requiring a deposit helps customers commit to a project and the timeline.  Also, it's extremely difficult to return special order materials if the project is canceled. Faucet_Columbus IndianaHow are materials being provided?  Lohmeyer Plumbing has a showroom with many options to suit your needs.  It's impossible to keep all the latest trends in stock though, so we also rely on our vendor's websites and catalogs to find fixtures that meet your needs.  Our years of experience help ensure the materials ordered work mechanically and aesthetically in your house.  Thousands of faucets are available, and we're here to help weed through the items that won't work as well. What warranty is available for materials & workmanship?  Unfortunately, products fail.  If this happens to you, how long is the warranty on your toilet or on the work that was completed?  Make sure this is clear before anything is ordered. Your bathroom may be unusable for a few days.  Although we try to complete work as quickly as possible, there are times when you won't be able to use your bathroom or kitchen.  Do you have a second bathroom that can be used? Complications along the way.  Sometimes we run into complications in the middle of a project.  There could be water damage from a shower that was leaking that wasn't discovered until we removed the old shower.  Unfortunately, these types of complications arise, and can't always be predicted ahead of time. Plan in advance.  Don't expect to call in on Monday and have the remodel started in the next week or two.  Most contractors have projects lined up for weeks or months in advance.  Also, fixtures can take anywhere from a week or two to a couple of months to arrive.