Clogged Sinks

plunging kitchen sink

A clogged kitchen sink drain is normally a result of too much food waste being put down a disposal in a short amount of time, without adequate water flushing the waste down the drain.

Plunging the drain will correct the problem, if it's not too severe.  We also have a small drain machine that can be used for more stubborn clogs.

If you're in the Columbus area and experience frequent stoppages, it may be time to look into replacing piping under the sink, or the main line from the kitchen sink to the main household plumbing.  Lohmeyer Plumbing endeavors, if possible, to bring 2" PVC to the kitchen sink area.  We have found 2", properly installed, to be less prone to stoppages than 1.5".

Clogged lavatories....bathroom sinks, as well as tub and shower drains are normally the result of hair and "gunk" build up within the drain.  Plunging can usually resolve these issues.

Lohmeyer Plumbing is not a fan of drain cleaners because of their caustic nature which can damage pipes, materials they inadvertently land on, as well as the safety factor in using these chemicals.  We have found using a plunger, small drain machine, and sometimes water pressure with a special device are all safer and more effective tools.  In some applications, using Bio-Clean, a specially formulated bacteria, can be an effective method for eliminating organic stoppages in drains.  It is not recommended for stoppages which are primarily hair. If you did happen to use a drain cleaner before calling us, please let the receptionist or plumber know in advance.  We don't want those chemicals flying out of the sink and into the technician's eyes!

Are you in the Columbus, Indiana area and dealing with a slow or clogged drain?  Request service today!

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