Sump Pump Repair & Replacement

No Hassle Switch for Sump Pumps!
Switches are the most common failure part for a sump pump. And, they tend to fail when you need them most. Because of the seasonal and sporadic need for a sump pump, it may be a while in between uses, which can contribute to the problem.

Lohmeyer Plumbing has a quality sump pump with an automatic switch. And both are under warranty for 5 years. The switch automatically turns on weekly for 5 seconds, testing that the pump and switch are working. Also, the pump used with the automatic switch runs less expensively than cheaper pumps.

Sump Pump Backup Systems

Sump pumps are a necessary part of basement and crawlspace waterproofing systems in Columbus, IN,  and are great until one of the following happens: the pump fails; it can’t keep up with a hard, fast rain; or the power goes out. To protect your home, Lohmeyer Plumbing recommends:

  • A battery backup to help bridge the gap between an expensive failure and the plumber arriving. Also, power outages can last longer than just a few hours. Make sure your backup power source will provide service for a reasonable duration.
  • A generator. This option provides longer duration support.
  • A backup pump, which can automatically start when the primary pump fails. In some applications, a municipal water powered sump pump is a good back-up system.

Alarm System
Each of the above should be paired with an alarm system, which can alert you that the sump or sewage pump is no longer working. Backup and alarm systems can prevent and minimize damage, easily saving you thousands of dollars.

Maintenance of your pumps is also important. Pay attention to how often your sump pump runs and what it sounds like. At least one time per year, listen. If your pump sounds like a garbage disposal, that’s well…bad, very bad.

Worried about your sump pump and located in the Columbus, Indiana area?  Request an appointment today!

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