Water Softener

Got Hard Water?


Columbus residents have experienced the hassle of hard water.  For spot free dishes, better laundry, and cleaner bathing, install a water softener in your home.

Benefits of a water softener:

    • Eliminate soap scum!
    • Spot-free dishes
    • Restores rich lathering to your soaps and shampoos - and rinses cleaner
    • Clothes are softer - and last longer
    • Preserves the life of appliances and plumbing

Lohmeyer installs and services quality water softeners in Columbus, Indiana and the surrounding area.  Experience the difference a softener can make in your life!

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Lohmeyer sells and services Marlo Water Softeners

Why Marlo? The Marlo water softener has been extremely reliable and durable for us and our customers. We have not had any failure issues with this brand of water softener. They work right out of the box! We like this - and our customers like that. Other reasons we recommend and sell Marlo water softeners:

  • Programmable head, regenerates on demand. This means it regenerates on a use cycle, or when your use had depleted the "softened charge" of water which uses less salt than a pre-programmed number of days cycle.
  • Maintains its settings in case of a power outage.
  • Set up to soften based on the incoming water hardness - which is different for Columbus City Utilities, Eastern Bartholomew Water, Southwestern Bartholomew Water, or a private well.

Interested in more information about water softeners?

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