What it Takes to be a Lohmeyer Plumber

What it Takes to be a Lohmeyer Plumber Law #1:  Thou shalt have a State of Indiana plumbing license.  Not all “plumbers” have taken the time to get a license.  They should have their own, current, State of Indiana issued license and number.  Without a plumbing contractor license, you cannot legally advertise yourself as a plumber.  The plumbing contractor they work for should have a number on their trucks, letterhead and all paperwork. Law #2:  Thou shalt attend an accredited plumbing school.  All of Lohmeyer Plumbing’s technicians attend four years at an accredited plumbing school.  The majority of “plumbers” don’t take the time. Law #3:  Thou shalt train for a minimum of four years on the job.  “We require a solid technical foundation and we never stop learning,” says David Dietrich. Law #4:  Thou shalt respect and be a resource for customers.  Team members must have people skills, the ability to solve problems, and plumbing code expertise.  Observing local codes and requirements is crucial.  Electrical and mechanical knowledge are valuable as well as fuel gas training, construction skills, well pumps expertise, ground water knowledge, and special tools training and certifications. Law #5:  Thou shalt…do a lot of other important stuff.
  • Follow company policies and employment contract guidelines
  • Be willing to learn new skills and techniques
  • Be open to team atmosphere and constructive criticism
“These are just a few of the reasons Lohmeyer Plumbing has been around since 1936,” said David Dietrich. “Our primary goal is to serve you, the customer, and provide solutions for your plumbing needs.”