Treatment Zaps Sewer Line…Clogs up to a Year

Lohmeyer Winter 2013_Page_2_Image_0001Tree and plant roots can clog or slow down your sewer lines, sometimes causing a backup into your basement or crawl space. Roots grow toward water and nutrient supplies. Sewer lines with cracks are plentiful with both. Once established, roots thrive in your sewer line, and can make small cracks larger. Lohmeyer Plumbing's herbicidal foaming system fills the entire pipe, killing roots all around instead of just at the bottom, where many solutions only make contact.  Roots generally enter sewer pipes from the top. This is an annual treatment to keep sewer pipes running more freely.  It is often a cost effective option to a long-term solution of repairing or replacing a leaking sewer pipe with a new, well-sealed sewer installation. Lohmeyer Plumbing is taking appointments for preventive sewer treatments that can be completed while you're away from home for a day.  One application can kill and treat new root intrusions, and help keep your system clear and running smoothly for up to a year.  We typically treat the systems in later winter to more effectively treat new intrusions. Call Lohmeyer Plumbing today at 812-379-4876 to schedule your appointment.