Water Quality & Treatment Solutions for the Bartholomew County Area

Recently, one of our customers, who are new home buyers, received a post card offering a free analysis of their water.  After the Flint, Michigan debacle, I can understand everyone being concerned about the water they drink and use for cooking.  The customer made an appointment and what they perceived would be a relatively short appraisal of their water quality, ended up being a two hour hard sell for the ultimate water treatment solution….to the tune of $7000.00 dollars. But, in all honesty, I need to mention they received free movie tickets as well as a chance to go to Hawaii, if they purchased this system today. Unless you are on a private well system, a detailed report is available from your water service provider on their web site or in a written communication spelling out the water quality. Water is tested at least monthly and results are submitted to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. If you bother to look at any of these reports, you will find the water provided by the three main utility companies in Columbus I am acquainted with, Columbus City Utilities, Southwestern Bartholomew Water Corporation, and Eastern Bartholomew Water Corporation, meet or exceed all Federal water standards. If you do not believe these reports, you are welcome to take a water sample and have an independent lavatory examine the water such as Element Labs, 629 Washington St., Suite 300, Columbus, IN. What Lohmeyer Plumbing as a company recommends to homeowners in the Bartholomew County area, is a water softener to remove hardness from the water, and possibly a charcoal filter for drinking water to remove any chlorine taste.  In some cases, a few customers have opted for a reverse osmosis water system for their drinking water as well. In most cases, using a state of the art demand regeneration water softener and some kind of drinking water filtration, you would be hard pressed to spend more that $2500-$3000 dollars installed. Of course, if you want free movie tickets or the chance for a trip to Hawaii, this may run slightly more. Thankfully in this case, the customer turned down the $7000 ultimate water treatment and called us for an accurate and non-pressured appraisal of their water system. Joe Lohmeyer