Lawn Sprinklers, Already?

sprinklerSpring will be here before you know it!

Lawn sprinkler season will be here soon.  Some of our customers don't know that Lohmeyer Plumbing handles all facets of lawn sprinkler systems.

Lohmeyer Plumbing offers the following services, regardless of who installed the system.

  • Annual backflow testing, for the white sprinkler valve looping up in your yard, should be done.  We have the certified professionals to test these devices.
  • Inspection of all valve boxes.
  • Reattach and secure any fittings removed during winterization.
  • Ensure all valves and drains are open and water source is connected.
  • Pressurize the system.
  • Inspect the system once it's pressurized and make adjustments or repairs if necessary.
  • Set sprinkler times on the system controller.