Start Thinking Sump Pumps

Most homeowners don't need a sump pump often, but when it's needed, dependability is key.  Flooding or stagnant water can cause damage to property, including floor and wall materials, or even your home's plumbing system.  The result could be expensive repairs.

Sump pump switches are the most common cause of system failure.  If checking your sump pump on a regular basis is not high on your list of things to do, consider having Lohmeyer Plumbing install a new quality sump pump with an automatic switch.  The new sump pump and the automatic switch are both under warranty for three years.  

The advantage of this sump pump is that the switch automatically turns on weekly for five seconds, testing that the pump and switch are working.  Another advantage, the new pump with the automatic switch runs more efficiently, which equals less operating costs than a cheaper pump.

A few other ways to keep your sump pump working when you need it:

  • A battery backup to help bridge the gap between an expensive failure and the plumber arriving.  Also, power outages can last longer than just a few hours.  Make sure your backup power source will provide service for a reasonable duration.
  • A generator - this option provides support for a longer time period
  • A backup pump, which can automatically start when the primary pump fails.  In some applications, a municipal water powered sump pump is a good back-up system.

Each of the above should be paired with an alarm system, which can alert you that the sump or sewage pump is no longer working.  Backup and alarm systems can prevent and minimize damage, easily saving you thousands of dollars.

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