Top Tips from the Experts at Lohmeyer

Over the years, our plumbing technicians have encountered quite a few plumbing problems that could either be avoided, or de-escalated pretty easily. We thought we would share these tips with you, in hopes it helps you save some money on the not so fun plumbing expenses!

1- Know where your main water shut off valve is. This quickly takes a situation from a "911" emergency to a "711", saving you from spending crazy amounts on emergency after hours services. Make sure the shut off valve still operates, and that you know how to operate it as well. We tag a lot of shut off valves to make it easy to see in an emergency situation.

2- Low water pressure?  If you have a water softener, try bypassing it!  If that fixes the problem, it's time for a new softener.  We have Marlo water softeners in stock if you find yourself in need of a new one.

3- Always disconnect hoses from the house before temperatures get below freezing.  

4- Does your home have a sewer clean out?  This helps make sewer cleaning much easier if you experience a main house clog.  

5- Speaking of sewer cleanings, DO NOT flush anything other than bodily waste and toilet paper.  We don't care what the packaging says, it's not flushable.  If you have a sewage or grinder pump, this applies even more.  We recommend one of these cute signs to remind your guests of this best practice too!

6- Know the difference between a sump pump/pit and a sewage pump/pit.  If in doubt, taste the water inside.  You'll find out!

7- Learn about your water heater.  If you call in for repair or replacement, we'll want to know the capacity, if it's gas or electric, standard or power vent, and where it's located in the house.  These details can be found on the label on the water heater.

8- When in doubt, take pictures!  You can text them to us (812-379-4876), which helps us be even MORE prepared than we usually are.

9- Unsure if your toilet is leaking?  Add six drops of food coloring to the toilet tank.  If the toilet is leaking, the color will appear in the bowl.

10- Many drain cleaners on the market are an acid base chemical.  They are created to eat away at paper, hair, or other material causing clogs.  It's possible for this drain cleaner to eat away at your pipes, especially if you're in a home with older pipes.