How to Prevent Drain Clogs

While there are many products and internet ideas out there, not all are good ideas.  In general, drain opening chemicals should not be used.  There are often easier and less corrosive methods.  The good chemicals should be left to a plumbing professional to administer.  Just a plain old plunger is still a great tool! Preventing […]


Water Heaters & Changing Temperatures

Largely fluctuating temperatures seem to make water heater tanks start leaking. With temperatures jumping from lows in the 50s, to upcoming highs in the 90s, keep an eye on your heater! And if your heater does start leaking, we’re here to help.  


Water Quality & Treatment Solutions for the Bartholomew County Area

Recently, one of our customers, who are new home buyers, received a post card offering a free analysis of their water.  After the Flint, Michigan debacle, I can understand everyone being concerned about the water they drink and use for cooking.  The customer made an appointment and what they perceived would be a relatively short […]