Plumbing Services

kitchen sink and faucet

"Do you take care of.....?" is a question we hear nearly every day.  And most people are surprised when the answer is "Yes, we do!".  You name it, and it's more than likely a plumbing service we provide.  

Lohmeyer Plumbing believes in providing high quality and honest service to our customers, no contract necessary.  We seek to inform and offer solutions to your problems, and not sell you repairs you don't want or need.  We would rather repair the faucet you love than sell you a new one to make a few extra bucks.  We're a family run business, and treat our customers like we would want our own families treated.

Following is a partial list of plumbing services Lohmeyer Plumbing offers the Columbus area.  Just call or text us to see if we can handle your plumbing project!

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Home and Commercial Plumbing Maintenance
Pipe Inspections / Camera Drain Lines & Line Locates
Sewage Pumps
E-One Grinder Sewage Lift Station Pumps
Sump Pumps - Standard and High Standard
Tankless Water Heaters
Gas and Electric Tank Style Water Heaters
Water Heater Repairs
Water Pumps – Deep and Shallow Wells
Expansion Tank Systems
Pressure Tanks
Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler Systems
Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Repair/Replacement
Toilet Repair/Replacement
Gas Line Repair and Replacement – Natural Gas and Propane
Laundry Tubs
Water Softeners
Drinking Fountains
Sewer Line Repair & Replacement
Water Lines
Drain and Sewer Cleaning
Clogged Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks
Stopped-up Toilets
Bathtub/Shower Faucet Repair & Replacement
Garbage Disposals
Ice Maker Supply Line

Furnace/Stove Hook-ups
Bathroom Remodel
Bathtub Repair
Customer Shower Systems
Kitchen Remodel

E-One Grinder Sewage Lift Station Pumps
Radiant Floor Heat
Hot Water Recirculation Systems
Water Filter Systems
Reverse Osmosis Systems
Lawn/Yard Sprinkler System- annual maintenance only
Gas Log Fireplace Piping
Camera Drain Lines & Line Locates

Safety for Home-Commercial
Backup Sump Pump – Battery and Water Powered
Anti-Scald Tempering Valves
Pressure Reducing Valves
Freeze Proof Outside Hydrants
Back Flow Test

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